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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hoard was created by our co-founders, Sam and Tom in 2021. Following the isolation of lockdown we felt there was a real need to create a community for gamers of all kinds. We started up with a couple of home ed groups running weekly games of Dungeons & Dragons, this soon evolved over the months to us running a variety of TTRPG's and Wargames across most days of the week, with the team expanding and bringing in more passionate and creative people who believe in the Hoard. 

Our Story

Community is the heart and soul of what we do, bringing strangers together that return as friends keeps our business alive. 

Our team is comprised of a collective of creatives, which has allowed us to create and build for ourselves as we have gone along. From designing our own bespoke gaming tables to making some awesome art, the wonderful and talented people below are the Hoard.

Meet The Team

 The people who help make this possible

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